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Galani Learning

We offer SCA certified courses starting from Beginners classes all the way to Professional Classes. Our aim is to make sure that our students really understand the topics and can replicate in life what they have learned and they can subsequently pass their Exams.

We give ample time for training and ample opportunities for the participants to ask Questions, to understand and practice.

Being based in Ethiopia, one of the principal countries of Origin, students can obtain first hand experience, taste fresh coffee, observe the defects on the coffee and how they can affect roasting and taste and can practice with ample coffee provided to them.


Furthermore this is a chance to visit Ethiopia, and explore

Addis Abeba, as well as visit the countryside where coffee is produced.


Coffee Sessions


Coffee Enthusiasts, or visitors wishing to learn a bit about coffee, without becoming experts, we hold tasting events and other small courses upon demand and upon schedule.


Introduction to Coffee


The course will provide basic knowledge for the world of the specialty coffee, and it is a mix of theoretical teaching and practical learning done in an interactive workshop style


Roasting Coffee


Roasting is what breathes life into the coffee beans, that otherwise would be tasteless and odourless. Roasting needs patience, and an inquisitive mind, to achieve better results. These classes offer students the tools to understand what may affect a roast, and how to improve it.


Barista Skills


A Barista is an Italian term given to the people working behind the Bars, serving coffee. The Italian Barista is an iconic persona. Nowadays Baristas are young, energetic, passionate and with thirst for knowledge and interest in serving a great cup of coffee. We offer the Basic, Intermediate, and Professional Barista Courses.


Brewing Coffee


Brewing is the final testimony to a work well done previously, by farming a great coffee, and then by roasting it well. Brewing will bring to light all the previous efforts.

We offer Basic, Intermediate, and Professional Brewing Classes. The levels taken will depend on the knowledge of each individual and also previous accumulated courses.


SCAE Courses


Coffee deserves respect. And we can only give respect by knowing what we are doing and what we are saying. SCAE Courses, assist us to become verse in coffee matters and understand this mysterious and versatile product better so as to communicate better to surroundings the WHYs.

They are given as per SCAE requirements and guidelines in our premises at Galani Coffee in Jackross.

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